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Our developers use tools and development methodologies to have the highest industry standards (agile methodology, Pair programming ...) and create software solutions working in the main existing platforms and to cover any project aspect, including design and ergonomics. 


The goal is getting innovative and high-performance applications that fully fit the Customer’s needs. 


Silicon Press work with the Customer during the entire process starting from consulting and up to the marketing. 

Each project is placed at the center of our organization; the Director and a Senior Project Manager who will follow you from the design to the launch.


Our tools combined with our methodology development always guarantee a great and quick follow up of the project and the integration with the best available technologies.

Our experience meets the needs of both the end users and the professionals.

Agile method

The values behind the choice of a working philosophy. 


The goal is the full satisfaction of the Customer and not only the fulfillment of a contract.


Using these methodologies also helps to reduce the cost of the software development.

(source wikipedia).


This phrase describes the Agile method in a concise and clear synthesis. 

We fully share this philosophy because we are convinced that a satisfied Customer is the best possible Customer. 

This working philosophy allows us to manage projects by dividing them into "modules" each with it’s own life; that means that the Customer is free to accept our offer for that module in order to verify the work done and to decide whether to buy it or not! 


If the module is the first project, the system allows the user to "test us" for free, creating a relationship of mutual trust and fairness that is the indispensable basis for any successful exchange.

Pair Programming

The Pair programming is a technique of agile software development in which two programmers work together at the same workstation. 


One of them is called the driver and he writes the code; the other is called observer or navigator and he plays a supervisory role with the simultaneous revision of the code. 

(source wikipedia)


This technique allows us to optimize the development time and the code quality, also it stimulates our creativity and enhances our motivation.





Our information technology project managers supervise and develop your software project from planning to implementation.

Specialized in small to medium sized businesses, we provide native Cross platform App, Mobile App and Responsive web.

Get marketing tips and news about current software solution trends relevant to your business.

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